Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facing Mecca- A New School Policy?

February 3, 2011

We live in a small town in Central Washington called Soap Lake. For the most part the people out here are hard working farmers, cattlemen and fairly conservative. My Sister In Law and her family live west of us. Another town that was rural- it has over the past 5 years started to grow, a number of folks from Seattle settling there- a great place to raise kids.

I received some startling and disturbing news yesterday. My niece, a Senior in High School texts her mom that her high school class was asked to face Mecca and act as if they were praying in the muslim style. She and three others did not comply.

She then went on to text to her mother "So, today the class faced Mecca and got into the praying position. [Teacher] said we weren't praying and could think about whatever we wanted, but we still need to be in the praying position." After my Sister In Law, who by the way is quite active at a State and Federal level regarding Islam and Sharia Law, calmed down, she texted her back, supporting her daughters excellent choice and letting her know she would be contacting the school principle, not her teacher (to avoid retribution).

I was stunned. What type of class could this be? What are they teaching and why- I inquired is this Social Studies or Social Justice?

My Sister In Law replied " [ class called] World Affairs. "The teacher saw a street full of fannies in the air and thought "wouldn't it be nice to do this, too" - unbelievable. She went on to say "the only way this could be good is if the teacher launched into a factual discussion of Islam, Sharia, Jihad and all manner if islamic atrocities. But I doubt THAT [occured].

My Sister In Law shared that they had scene a few months ago a scene involving hijabed girls having a tour of the school. "We only saw a glimpse, I will be inquiring as to what the school did on its own and what was 'suggested' to it and by whom. No town is exempt, no person unaffected, no-one should be complacent, everyone must stand up," my Sister In Law stated. Luckily my niece only saw and I quote "ignorance and the power of authority rolled into one package - they just made her even stronger in her own beliefs. She will be at college this fall - armed with a leftist/islamist BS detector -- her brain." un-quote.

My Sister in Law, her husband and two kids- both in High School have a great relationship. The kids are never afraid to talk about their lives and were raised to know right from wrong. I know my Sister In Law and she will as I type be quote "tracking down WHY this was done, WHO asked for it to be done and STOPPING any further such activity. I cannot fully express my outrage and disgust. It is now at my door.This happened today. We are in central Washington State. I am planning how to make the most of this, especially if CAIR or other linked group was involved, or whether the textbooks suggest it. I am already working with my state elected Reps and Senator on islam/sharia in general; this will be an exclamation point in my correspondence. I will also network with a gentlemen in California who is trying to remove HAMAS-linked CAIR from his daughter's high school. He has a packet of information (I will post later)" un quote

In closing her post to us all she said "I was very proud of my daughter! We talk a lot. "Mom, not islam...AGAIN." But she truly understands, she gets it. I will send info to my political and media contacts as appropriate with what I find."

This is so disturbing, especially in light of what is going on in the Middle East, for a teacher to even bring up this topic under these politically charged times. Now if we were still living in Seattle, I suppose I would not be as stunned- but here in Eastern Central Washington, where I thought....well surely that is my first mistake- thinking again.

As I jabber on I wonder would anyone here join with me to contact our State Leaders and School Boards or any other groups you can think of to support my niece? I am but one voice- maybe I am wrong but I truly believe that this was very inappropriate and worried if this is going to become part of your school districts policy?

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