Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Letter to The President

Subject: Conflict of Interest

Date: February 18, 2011

To : Mr. Barak Obama- President of The United States of America

Dear Mr. President:

Rarely am I one to publicly comment let alone criticize any current administration. I realize that often times we "the general public" do not always have all the facts in any given situation or predicament. Currently all Americans are experiencing hardship. It pains me to ask " Are you aware that all Americans and States are trying the best that they can to manage their own budgets?" Our Nation as a whole is struggling through this economic downturn.

Over the next few months all of the States will be trying to balance their budgets. Wisconsin is currently undertaking a very controversial and hard decision. The Governor has asked his Administration to debate and vote on necessary specifics regarding State Employees wages, benefits and rights. It is obvious to all that Wisconsin needs to decide whether to lay off government employees or ask them to contribute a small amount - 2 to 8 percent in total.

Today the Washington Post announced that you have become "embroiled" in the Wisconsin State budget, accusing Governor Walker of waging an "assault" on unions, nullifying collective-bargaining for Wisconsin Civil Servants. Your attack on the Governor of Wisconsin has resulted in demonstrations promoted by Organizing for America. This group has been encouraging protestors in Wisconsin and inciting other unions and their members in other States.

I read your quote: "I think everybody's got to make some adjustments, but I think it's also important to recognize that public employees make enormous contributions to our states and our citizens" un-quote.

It lead me to wonder - when is the last time that you acknowledged the average American- who for the past 3 years has been making enormous "contributions" while loosing their jobs, homes and sometimes struggling just to stay warm or eat?

As one of those average Americans, I am sorely tried and disappointed. Is it not enough that the elected officials in Wisconsin are avoiding their duties by not showing up to debate the issues at hand? Is it not enough that Civil Servants continue to keep their jobs and benefits?

Every American must make"adjustments" this includes government workers. Government workers make higher wages, have more benefits and often are rewarded with "Federal Social Security" and pensions. The average American worker and entrepreneur do not have the same rewards. I worked for the Federal Government and was laid off in the early 1980's when America faced similar budget constraints. I did not find it necessary to over step or reach by protesting or political showboating.

Wisconsin is of central importance. Last year all eyes were on New Jersey. Governor Christie faced similar budget constraints. In both States, Governors Christie and Walker have been leading with quiet reasoning, logic and no nonsense politics.

The dispute in Wisconsin was workable, a compromise could have transpired. Because of your endorsement, Civil Servants are protesting at all levels City, State and Federal. Who suffers- in short all Americans. Shouldn't your message be compromise?


  1. P.S. Go back to school and learn how to write proper Queens english.

  2. The Queen is a postal clerk who gave up her position about 20 years ago. I have no idea who or what you are.